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Nordic IDM workshop

Workshop hosted at Rambøll Denmark in Copenhagen November 3, 2011

Presentations, agenda and list of attendees can be downloaded from the following links:



Business reasons for IDM/MVD by Steen Sunesen, buildingSMART Norge

Information Delivery Manual (IDM) by Jan Karlshøj, DTU Byg and International IDM Coordinator

MVD methodology by Vaino Tarandi, KTH Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

IDM in the Nordic countries by Stig Brinck, NIRAS A/S, buildingSMART Danmark/bips

The cuneco approach to IDM by Søren Spile, bips/cuneco

Use of IDM/MVD by Steen Sunesen, buildingSMART Norge

IDM related R&D projects in Finland by Tomi Henttinen, Gravicon, buildingSMART Finland

buildingSMART Sweden Report by Vaino Tarandi, buildingSMART Sverige

BIM Objectlibrary by Bjørn Brunstad, Standard Norge

A Definition of Model Information Content for Strategic, BIM Implementation by Martin Hooper, Lunds Tekniska Högskola

How to define future IDM? by Peter Hauch, The Danish Association of Construction Clients

 by Clars Danvold, The Palace and Properties Agency


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