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Data Model

buildingSMART is all about the sharing of information between project team members and across the software applications that they commonly use for design, construction, procurement, maintenance and operations. Data interoperability is a key enabler to achieving the goal of a buildingSMART process. buildingSMART has developed a common data schema (IFC) that makes it possible to hold and exchange relevant data between different software applications. More

Data Dictionary


The Data Dictionary is one of the core components of the buildingSMART technology. The dictionary is named IFD Library. IFD Library is a reference library intended to support improved interoperability in the building and construction industry. IFD Library provides a flexible and robust method of linking existing databases with construction information to a buildingSMART  based Building Information Model (BIM). More



buildingSMART processes (IDMĀ“s) captures (and progressively integrates) business process whilst at the same time providing detailed specifications of the information that a user fulfilling a particular role would need to provide at a particular point within a project. To further support the user information exchange requirements specification, IDM also proposes a set of modular model functions that can be reused in the development of support for further user requirements. More

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