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buildingSMART Forum Finland

buildingSMART Forum Finland is a part of buildingSMART International and it is one of the three members of the buildingSMART Nordic. All Nordic Forums are subject to the buildingSMART Nordic Bylaws.

buildingSMART Forum Finland is not a formal organisation. The work in Finland was initially started in 1996 as a project at VTT Building Technology and it is currently being organised as a standing comittee (PT22 Suomen IAI Forumin päätoimikunta) in Building Information Foundation RTS. The Finnish Forum Board consists of the members of the working committee; all meetings are open for all members in buildingSMART Forum Finland. All Finnish companies, organisations, universities and even private persons can join buildingSMART Forum Finland.

The goal of the buildingSMART Forum Finland is to support the work in buildingSMART, create IFC definitions, an interoperable product model standard for the AEC/FM industry, and promote the use of IFC standard.

The Finnish homepage for buildingSMART is here.

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