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buildingSMART Forum Denmark

In Denmark buildingSMART started as an independent organisation in 1996 but became a part of bips in 2009.

The Danish homepage for buildingsmart is here.

bips is a non-profit membership organisation of companies within the building trade attended by all parties within building: building owners, designers, contractors, manufacturers, dealers, trade organisations, and institutions of research, education and information. The number of members is approx. 540 companies.

The objects of bips are to increase the effectiveness of the process of design and construction from the building programme to management and maintenance. This contributes to increasing the productivity and quality within construction.

The objects are reached by development of common digital structures and standards for language, terms, working methods, exchange of standards and other tools as well as supporting the implementation of these as de facto standards in the Danish construction industry.

A general condition for bips developments is that an immediate effect is achieved on productivity. The developments are also to be aimed in a long-term perspective. Furthermore, the activities are co-ordinated with other initiatives within the construction industry.
For 2011-14 bips hosts the cuneco, a knowledge center for productivity in construction industry.


More English information about bips will be published later on

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